Human Body Parts

Snuff Puppets Body PartsThe giant Human Body Parts are a playful exploration of the human form; a large-scale interactive roaming work that creates surreal andmesmerising interventions into everyday life.

Adults and children alike go crazy for the surreal weirdness of these giant disembodied body parts floating down the street.

Whisper your secrets to the giant ear, chew the fat with the mouth, high five with the hand, or tickle some toes on the enormous foot. Our giant eye always raises a few brows.

Snuff Puppets is a radical large-scale puppet company pushing theatrical boundaries and rocking audiences around the world. Snuff Puppets tackle all that is taboo in society with an irreverent, and comic sensibility. We take our work out of the theatre and into the street, reclaiming public spaces for people and art. We are unashamedly hand-made and experimental in a world obsessed with perfection and mass-consumption. 

Snuff Puppets is proudly anarchic, fiercely fun and all-inclusive.