Snuff Puppets / Cows

Snuff Puppets - CowsSnuff Puppets' life size herd of cows will be roving around MAMA's Big Night Out, grazing on pot-plants, eating people's hats, nuzzling children and occasionally getting spooked by passing traffic.

Don't stand too close behind them – you might get sprayed with wee! And look out for The Butcher who will be trying to round them all up.

Snuff Puppets creates puppet/audience collisions that leave all parties breathless. They make art that does something – that is culturally vital, relevant and impacts on the world. They take their work out of the theatre and into the street, reclaiming public spaces for people and art.

Snuff Puppets makes compelling, accessible, contemporary, extraordinary works of theatre. The company enjoys making visceral, electric performances that affect audiences physically. By breaking down the distance between audience and performer, they create another world.

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