Mine. Curated by you

When: Friday 3 February - Sunday 16 April

Where: ANZ Zauner Foyer, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Embrace the MAMA collection and curate your own show, Mine, for ANZ Zauner Foyer.

Visitors to Yours: 70 years of collecting will be able to view hundreds of works from the MAMA collection on exhibition in the Paul Ramsay Galleries. Within the exhibition, a Curators Workstation is placed to allow visitors to select a theme or concept for their own exhibition and select up to 10 works to hang in the ANZ Zauner Foyer. Visitors will be able to sketch up their exhibition proposal and submit to the MAMA team for review.

Each week a new guest curator will be selected, based on the submissions received. MAMA aims to showcase a variety of styles, tastes, and generations within its guest curators, mirroring the variety of works held in the collection.

Mine will be installed each Monday, giving MAMA visitors an opportunity to watch the process of installation live in the foyer. MAMA exhibition staff will be interacting with visitors to explain the installation process. 

Each Sunday, Mine will be officially opened by the weekly guest curator, from 2.00pm - 3.00pm.