Life Drawing: Sunday Casual Class

When: Sundays, 15 October - 17 December, 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Where: Studio within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Price: $35 a week ($32 moMAMA and concession) includes model fees and all materials

Have you ever wanted to try life drawing?

Learn the fundamentals of anatomy as you draw at the easel from a live life model. Experiment with a variety of media, and learn different techniques to capture anatomy, position and perspective in a relaxed environment.

Artist Alison Percy will guide you to explore your style of mark making, while learning to observe and really see the nuances of the human form.

Fees include tutor, model fees and materials. Casual classes are held weekly, with models rotating over the course of the term.

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Meet Alison Percy

Alison Percy, MAMA Art Tutor, in her studio

Alison is inspired by a curiosity of her surroundings and of natural forms across figurative, landscape and floral subjects. Imagery is formed using ink, charcoal, acrylic paint, soft pastel, graphite, watercolour and oil pastel onto canvas and paper.

Capturing the life model form has become pivotal in Alison’s journey as an artist and inspires endless exploration into the nuances of the human figure. A curiosity in the balance and sensitivity of fluid line extends from her work as a calligrapher and a fascination for Japanese calligraphy art. Recent Sumi-e workshops in Japan and Australia saw this interest intensify, where the importance in sensitivity and balance of line was reinforced with great passion.

Alison’s energetic and passionate nature is evident across her work. It reflects a delight in transforming observations, captured or remembered images into figurative, landscape or floral works. As a tutor, students are encouraged to relax and enjoy the process of mark making, while learning to really observe the human form and develop a keen eye!

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