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As a first time MAMA donor, your tax deductible donation of $200 will see your name immortalised on the MAMA Wall.

Just add your name below as you would like it displayed on the wall.

  • Each MAMA Collector name has a limit of 25 characters including spaces (e.g. Jack, Jill & Bill Hill = 22 characters, The Smith Family = 16 Characters)
  • The letter height is approx. 2.5cm with approx. 10 names per row and 100 rows. Name will be displayed no higher than 300cm from the ground
  • Individual/s and family names only will be displayed
  • Business, marketing or offensive names will NOT be displayed
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Having already supported MAMA in the past, we invite you to donate again and help us grow the MAMA collection. Every dollar makes MAMA more amazing and supports the acquisition of works for our collection.

By donating another $200 you will receive:

  • Your acknowledgement on the MAMA wall highlighted to stand out above the rest
  • Personal invitations to the unveiling of all new acquisitions purchased through the MAMA Collector program
  • Personal invitations to donor events and activities
  • Subscription to MAMA e-news and offers
  • Acknowledgement towards a specific artwork acquisition wherever practicable

For all donations above $2,000, your name will be displayed on the artwork label, thanking you for your generous support.

In addition to the above, for all donations above $15,000, your name will be permanently displayed on the MAMA Honour Board (Dean St Entrance) and as well as the artwork label.

The Murray Art Museum Albury is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation, therefore donations to MAMA are tax deductible.

Please contact us directly if you would like to make recurring donations.

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All MAMA Donors may be acknowledged in our Annual Report, MAMA Says e-newsletter and website. We will use your name as supplied above, or you can specify an alternative acknowledgement below

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