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Landscape Painting for Beginners

Female artist hold a palette and faces a canvas as she applies paint to a landscape painting

Join us as we learn about the techniques, breadth and history of landscape painting in this 8 week course.

Led by artist Courtney Young, this class will be a fun and experimental exploration of the genre of landscape painting. Courtney will share her art practice and approach to landscape painting, and guide you through developing your own visual language to understand and depict landscape.

In this introductory course you will learn:

  • the basics of acrylic painting including colour, tone, composition and perspective
  • studio-based approaches to landscape painting and how to select subject matter
  • traditional landscape painting techniques in the Western canon, and how to challenge these conventions and ways of seeing
  • a brief history of landscape painting, specifically in Australia from the early 1800s through to now, studying a diverse range of works including abstract and conceptual works and work from First Nations artists
  • how social, political and environmental contexts influence landscape painting, particularly the ways in which we view ourselves in relation to land.

During this course, Courtney will support you as you learn new skills and ways of seeing. You’ll be encouraged to share your thoughts and processes with the class, and learn from each other as we progress over the 8 weeks.


Bring your own materials or purchase a MAMA Materials Package tailored for this course. Packages may be purchased online, or through MAMA Store: (02) 6043 5800

Price: $210
A3 Acrylic Paint Pad (12 sheets, 400gsm) – Eg: ArtSpectrum
A4 Spiral Bound Visual Diary
4B Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser and Felt Tip Pen
4 Brushes - Different Sizes – combination of flat & round
Matisse acrylic painting medium, 250mL
A2 Tube Acrylics, 250 ml - Titanium White
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Burnt Umber
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Ultramarine Blue
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Cerulean Blue Hue
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
A2 Tube Acrylics 120ml - Cad yellow light Hue
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120 ml - Cadmium Red Medium Hue
A2 Tube Acrylics, 120mL - Alizarin Crimson

Meet the Tutor

Courtney is an artist and regenerative farmer living on Bpangerang Country in Rutherglen, Victoria. She holds a Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne and has a background in environmental restoration. Courtney’s art practice is centred around painting, and she has exhibited her work locally and across Australia. She currently shows through Beechworth Contemporary Art Gallery, Gallery Raye and AK Bellinger Gallery.

Courtney is interested in making work that challenges prevailing colonial approaches to understanding and perceiving the landscape. Through her place-based practice, she wants to question outdated wild/domestic, native/invasive dichotomies. Her paintings, both in acrylic and oil, often border abstraction and are grounded in a love of colour, texture and layering.

Courtney Young Website

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