Love your MAMA

There are a number of ways you can support or get involved with MAMA. This can be as an individual, group or organisation and can range from adding your name to the building, donating or volunteering, to bequesting works, to having your works exhibited.

We rely on the generous support of donors and artists to maintain and grow our permanent collection and to contribute towards specific projects. Some of our greatest treasures have been donated from private collections or purchased with donated funds.

It is through this invaluable support that we are able to achieve excellence in conservation, digitisation, exhibitions, educational programs, and acquisitions. Your donation is essential to increasing our capacity to acquire new works.

Another fantastic way to get involved is by joining moMAMA (Members of MAMA, formerly Friends of the Albury Regional Art Gallery). You'll be part of a social and vibrant community that enjoys many benefits and privileges, and brings you in closer touch with MAMA, its exhibitions, collection and special events.

moMAMA also has a long history of contributing to the acquisition of new works, and the conservation and preservation of our collection.

We're also incredibly grateful to the MAMA Art Foundation which has supported acquisitions for the gallery since its inception in 1989. 

If you'd like further information on how to get involved, email the MAMA team.