When: Saturday 23 November, 10.30am - 3.30pm

Where: Studio within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA

Price: $120 ($108 Concession), includes materials.

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Enjoy a full-day deep dive into the fascinating world of colour!

Led by artist Alison Percy, you will be taken beyond the simple ‘blue + yellow = green’ and ‘analagous colour schemes’, and into a nuanced understanding of the colour wheel.

While underpinned by theory, the day will be very practical, with students completing a series of paint mixing exercises on cards that will become an invaluable future resource.

Alison will expand your understanding of:

  • How we see colour
  • Sources of colour
  • Colour mixing & mixing paint
  • The colour wheel & discovering colour bias
  • Hue, tone & intensity
  • Colour schemes
  • Pigment transparency and light-fastness

This workshop if perfect if you’ve ever wondered why the yellow paint you use to make the perfect green does not make a good orange, why your colour mixes lose intensity, or why colours change as you add more layers… Alison will answer these frustrations and more!

MAMA Studio workshops are delivered in a relaxed, informative and practical environment, with a goal of opening participant's creativity and confidence behind the easel.

Materials will be provided for this workshop, using select Matisse acrylic paint colours for consistency of instruction.

If you don’t normally work with acrylics paints, fear not! Colour theory knowledge transfers across all areas of art and design, and the colour mixing skills will be invaluable across the many varied creative mediums.

We look forward to spending a day in MAMA Studio with you!