Photograph by artist Belinda Mason depicting a naked man holding a pot plant 

Belinda MASON
Indivisible, 2000
inkjet mounted on gatafoam
Donated through the Australian
Government's Cultural Gifts Program
by Belinda Mason, 2009
© Intimate Encounters Series,
Belinda Mason


Photographer Belinda Mason creates unique and highly emotive images that lead the viewer through a journey of emotions. Tapping into thoughts and feelings so often dismissed, suppressed and denied by contemporary culture, Mason engages in a participatory process with her photographic subjects in a truly collaborative experience that is shaped by the participants' feelings, thoughts and aspirations to define and portray how they wish to be represented. Engaging in this method of interpretation and display, in her body of work Intimate Encounters Mason presented a refreshed view of photographing people with disabilities. Rather than objectifying their experiences, Mason positions the subjects as active, empowered creators of their proud self-representation.