Charles Blackman - Alice in Wonderland

This ink and crayon drawing of Alice in Wonderland depicts a large hand in the foreground with a small door in the background.

Charles Blackman created this piece in 1957 as part of the Alice in Wonderland themed series for which he became very well known. Blackman was introduced to Lewis Carroll's Wonderland by listening to an audiobook version (produced by the BBC) of Alice in Wonderland with his first wife, Barbara Patterson, who was blind. 

Blackman said, 'I hadn't read it, so I didn't see any illustrations of it. I came to it cold.' This work, like many of Blackman's other works, is aesthetically pleasing but also contains dreamlike imagery and an eerie sense of apprehension.

Although this particular work is not a well-known part of the series, it was completed in the same years and was probably intended to accompany the resolved paintings.