Jacques Callot - Nancy in Lorraine

Jacques Callot was one of the great artists of 17th Century Europe and influential in turning the technique of etching into an art.

With Callot's developments in technique, etchers could undertake highly detailed work that was previously only achieved by engravers.

The printmaking methods Callot formulated and pioneered are still employed by artists today. They include the development of the échoppe, a type of etching-needle bevelled into a slanting oval section at the end. This needle enabled etchers to create a swelling line and reopen a previously incised line, as engravers were able to do.
MAMA's Callot Collection is the largest collection of works by Jacques Callot held in an Australian public gallery. The exhibition features 123 original etching in 58 frames, and can be configured in a single hang or a double hang.

This suite of etchings was collected by the foremost authority on Jacques Callot, Howard Daniel, who gifted the work to the Albury Regional Art Gallery in the 1990's.  Read more about the Daniel Gift.