Material Sound: Opening Festival

When: Friday 9 February - Sunday 11 February

Where: MAMA, 546 Dean Street, Albury

Price: FREE

Material Sound brings together 6 contemporary artists who each create an experience of sound within installations and apparatus constructed from everyday materials.

Curated by Caleb Kelly, Material Sound features newly commissioned work by artists Vicky Browne, Pia van Gelder, Caitlin Franzmann, Peter Blamey, Ross Manning, and Eric Demetriou.

Join us for the Opening Weekend of Material Sound for a festival of free live performances over two days. All events are free.



Eric Demetriou
To celebrate the opening of Material Sound, Eric Demetriou presents a performance featuring a collection of eclectic homemade instruments. The improvisational work, Herbie Jercher and the Ġaħan present & 4'33" in cat years & the lost wax stolen river band, 2018, extends Eric’s installation in Paul Ramsay Galleries.

Eric is an artist that works within sculpture and installation, drawing together seemingly disparate objects in a complex system that functions as an instrument. Within this site specific work, we see symbols of human dominance, natural materials contained and brought to submission, and chaotic movement and sound generated by a robot ping pong machine that challenges our desire to control and create order in our environment.

Caitlin Franzmann

Throughout the afternoon session on Saturday, Caitlin will be leading a conversation experience entitled ‘talking and listening about talking and listening’. Caitlin is an artist that is interested in intentional social connection in public spaces. She creates experiences that allow participants to quietly communicate and listen to one another. In the live experience within the exhibition, Caitlin invites participants to gather around a small table to join a conversation. As one person leaves the conversation, another may take their place at the table. Some visitors may choose to stand apart and observe. In this experience of mindful communication, visitors will become aware of the many aspects of interaction and being that make up a moment of human connection.

Peter Blamey

Peter Blamey is an artist that is interested in alternative uses of technology and repurposing of expired technology. In his performance work, Double Partial Eclipse, Peter improvises with the dynamics of energy and sound. Using free-moving hand held solar panels and a fixed light source, we hear the sound of energy converted into guitar strings. This work gives us a palpable experience of the unseen flow of energy in our technology and environment. (20mins)

Ross Manning

Ross Manning is an experimental artist that seeks rhythm and patterns in movement stimulated by automated systems. His practice has evolved beyond provoking a response from materials, to bending the rhythmic patterns to his will, engineering an experience in his work that is more controlled, limiting the randomness to a distinct range of possibilities.

In his performance, Ross generates wave patterns in string, forming a rhythmic movement that strikes percussion instruments in a semi-automated system. Ross interacts with this system in an improvisation, experimenting with small adjustments to adapt the chiming, ringing drones that are produced.

Pia van Gelder

Pia van Gelder is an electronic artist that will be performing live on Saturday evening in St Matthew's Church. Pia creates sounds and visual effects through synthesisers, converting movement and energy from her body into a dynamic audiovisual performance.

In her installation work, Pia invites visitors to experience the energy in their bodies as sound. Pia brings Recumbent Circuit, and Soft Synth, two works that visitors can feel and interact with, to hear their human touch converted into sound.

Robin Fox

MAMA welcomes special guest Robin Fox, who will follow Pia van Gelder in the Saturday evening performance at St Matthew's Church. Robin brings a spectacular laser show that mixes electronic sounds with lighting effects in a not to be missed concluding performance.


Due to limited seating, we ask that you reserve your FREE place at the St Matthew's Church performances on Saturday Night.

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