Outlaw Film Festival

When: Thursdays from 17 January - 7 February, from 6.00pm

Where: Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA

Price: FREE

To celebrate the tradition of outlaw narratives in Australian arts, MAMA is hosting an Outlaw Film Festival, featuring classic Australian films that paint a picture of the alternative hero. Each film will be briefly introduced prior to screening.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following programs may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Thursday 17 January, 6.00pm

One Night The Moon (2001)
duration 54 min 
directed by Rachel Perkins 
rated M 

One Night The Moon is based on a set of events that took place the Australian outback in1932. Mesmerised by a full moon, a young girl goes missing after climbing out of her bedroom window. Her distraught parents alert the police but ignore their suggestion for Aboriginal tracker Albert to lead the search. Presented in operatic form with poetic cinematography, the narrative is told almost entirely through song, featuring music composed by Paul Kelly, Kev Carmoday and Mairead Hannan.

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Thursday 24 January, 6.00pm

Muriel’s Wedding (1994) 
duration 106 min 
directed by P.J. Hogan 
rated M

A hilarious and harrowing comedy following one woman’s relentless quest for love and ultimate acceptance. The film explores the best and ‘terrible’ aspects of Australian society – patriarchy, social awkwardness, regional divide, friendship and fantasy - are woven into a relatable and almost too real tale. Starring Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths and Bill Hunter.

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Thursday 31 January, 6.00pm

Wake in Fright (1971)
duration 116 min 
directed by Ted Kotcheff, story by Kenneth Cook 
rated M

Wake in Fright is a fictional, powerfully atmospheric film based on the 1961 novel by Kenneth Cook. The stunning yet brutal cult film lifts the lid on the ugly side of Australian society and values, shamelessly exposing the notion of mateship, masculinity and the reckless danger of the mundane. Although internationally critically acclaimed, Wake in Fright was rejected by Australian audiences at the time partly due to its uncomfortable portrayal of outback life. It gained cult status in the 90’s, labelled the Australia’s great ‘lost film’. Starring Donald Pleasance, Gary Bond, Chips Rafferty, Sylvia Kay.

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Thursday 7 February, 6.00pm
Double Feature Finale

Night Cries: a Rural Tragedy (1989) 
duration 17 min 
written and directed by Tracey Moffatt 
rated G

Night Cries portrays the relationship between an elderly white woman and her adopted Aboriginal daughter. The sole carer for her dying mother, the daughter dutifully tends to her responsibilities, though her feelings of frustration, anguish, loneliness and disconnect are ever present.

Shot entirely in a studio, the film conjures the vast, brightly vivid Australian landscape, suggestive of the daughter’s dream of an alternative reality to her domestic routine. Starring Marcia Langton, Akira Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gentle, Anges Hardwick, Jimmy Little.

HD video, 54mins 

Part political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a political revenge fable which offers an unwriting of Australian national mythologies. Binding together a documentary impulse with the bent plotlines of Australian film texts, Soda_Jerk’s revisionist history opens a willful narrative space where cinema fictions and historical facts permeate each other in new ways. The apocalyptic desert camps of Mad Max 2 become the site of refugee detention, feminist motorcycle gangs rule the highways, and flesh-eating sheep are recast as anti-colonial insurgents.

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TERROR NULLIUS was commissioned by ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image)