Workshop: Patternation with Sarah Goffman

When: Sunday 14 April, 12.00pm - 3.30pm

Where: Workshop within Commonwealth Growth Centre, MAMA.

Price: $50, includes lunch

Spend an afternoon in the MAMA Studio with artist Sarah Goffman, a sculpter and mixed modality artist that works primarily with the medium of discarded plastics, and Asian inspired decorative patterns.

Sarah will work with participants to convert a plastic bottle or container into a work of art, using patternation and decoration inspired by a variety of sources including Asian patternation found along the Silk Road.

An experienced artist and tutor, Sarah brings an energy and enthusiasm to the materials she works with that is both inspired and inspiring. Learn about the endless possibilities of sculpture using found objects, and the relentless supply of soft and hard plastics we have to work with. After this workshop you will consider your recycling bin in a whole new way!

Bring along a used plastic bottle - see if you can find something with an interesting shape or form - or simply go through your recycling and see what is there. Make sure it is clean before you arrive. Participants will then take this basic form and give it a new life as a unique, decorated plastic sculpture.

For inspiration, check out Sarah Goffman: Bridge to Asia, currently on exhibition in ANZ Zauner Foyer.

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