Event Name Dance me to the end of night: Mona Ryder
Start Date 28 Jan 2016 11:55 am
End Date 6 Mar 2016 11:55 am
Duration 38 days

Mona Ryder is a 21st century surrealist who melds the rich, visceral religious iconography with a raw, post-apocalyptic tribal aesthetic.

This installation, like so many of hers, cannot be read through a rational linear lens: it is emotive and surreal. It is about rites of passage and anxious anticipation, the dreamlike rituals we illicitly observe.

Visitors are invited to enter into an enigmatic ballroom setting that is about to come alive.

Mutant jellyfish shapes hang in a circle; electrical cords are ready to plug in and activate the surrounding shoes. In a corner, other shoes are plugged into the wall recharging, regaining their composure, ready to re-enter the frenetic activities of the ballroom. 

This is not unlike society today, with our numerous networks and excessive reliance on connectivity.

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