Albury Artist in Residency

Through funding from Museums and Galleries NSW through the Artists or Curatorial in Residency Deborah will undertake a residency in Albury prior to and during the opening weeks of the exhibition. The residency will include teaching and learning sessions, intensive collaborative art making and facilitated discussions.

The Residency and process of art making is something very important to Deboarh because through her works she aims to present works of art that are full of invitation and involvement, giving liveliness to her work and creating an opportunity of engagement. 

Through this method of working, the viewer takes on an increased active and participatory role in which they have the opportunity to see something change, a quality which is so unlike the treatment of a gallery, as museums and galleries historically have been treated as repositories, as an archive space to be safeguarded.

Through this evolving and developing body of work, Kelly aims to move the institutions from a primary repository to a site of art making and a space for work that is in flux, continually developing through the direct engagement of community. Through this open ended engagement Kelly aims to open the doors of the museum in a fresh way to the production of art, for art to be in production and unfinished during presentation.

The residency will enable the opportunities for both the community and collaborators to come together within Kelly's project ethos to adorn the portrait throughout the residency.

The project is designed to render the institution permeable and productive, lively and uncertain. The process is devised to demystify art-making, produce a creative milieu, and to experiment with democracy's applicability to collective artistic endeavour. This ambiguity of authorship, the process of exchange (of knowledge, skills, stories, trust) among participants, the cumulative character and the open-ended project itself is proposed as an allegory for an idealised art institution and the sedimentary characteristics of its sandstone foundations.

Albury participants will be invited through public callout to commit to the sustained workshop period; to study and transmit technique; labour on the portraits; produce discussion events; and donate local archival imagery, especially obsolete reference books.

The Artist or Curator Residency program is supported by the Copyright Agency Limited's Cultural Fund and is managed by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

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