Drawing on Drysdale: Russell Drysdale from the AlburyCity Collection




About the exhibition

In 2012 the gallery celebrated the centenary of Russell Drysdale's birth with the exhibition Drawing on Drysdale. 

Drysdale's impaired eyesight gave him an unusual perspective on the world and his artistic gift enabled him to capture and share that vision. Using drawings, sketches, objects and writings, this exhibition explored how Drysdale saw and how he transferred those images into works of art that depicted the Australian landscape and people in a new way.

Drawing on Drysdale brought together 40 drawings, sketches, objects and writings to create a visual biography of one of the great Australian artists of the 20th century.

Total Attendance: 4189


Opening event with talk by curator Bianca Acimovic.
Ongoing programs including 'Draw like Drysdale' with a scene set up in the gallery courtyard..

Further Information

Buy the Drawing on Drysdale catalogue for $25.00 (+ P&H) which features essays and articles by Lou Klepac, Bruce Pennay and Bianca Acimovic.

Listen to AlburyCity's Visual Arts Coordinator, Bianca Acimovic and Collection Officer, Bruce Derrick give an audio tour of Drawing of Drysdale exhibition.

See more images of the exhibition at the MAMA Flickr page.