Intimate Transactions




About the exhibition

Intimate Transactions was a new form of interactive installation based on telepresence, which allows two people in geographically separate spaces to interact simultaneously using only their bodies. 

Each participant used a physical interface called a 'bodyshelf' and wore a sound vibration transmission device called a 'haptic pendant'. By gently moving their bodies on this 'smart furniture', they instigated 'intimate transactions' that influenced an evolving 'world' created from digital imagery, multichannel sound and tactile feedback. This shared experience allowed each participant to gradually develop a form of sensory intimacy with the other, despite being geographically separated and unable to see or hear each other.

Participants chose to act in different ways as they began to understand how their movements affected the other participant and everything within the work's interlinking ecologies.

Intimate Transactions has been recognised internationally for its excellence and innovation in new media art. It was awarded an Honorary Mention in the 2005 Prix Ars Electronica Competition and was shown in 2005 at the Ars Electronic Festival in Austria, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and BIOS in Athens. It was selected to represent Australia at the Olympic Arts Festival in Beijing in 2008 and has now been presented at over 22 curated venues.

Total Attendance: 3275

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