Event Name Lament: Nicole Welch
Start Date 15 May 2016 10:00 am
End Date 12 Jun 2016 4:00 pm
Duration 28 days and 6 hours

Photographer Nicole Welch has enjoyed a close relationship with MAMA since its opening, exhibiting her 'Eastern Interiors' collection in late 2015, and currently featuring as a finalist in the MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize 2016 exhibition.

Lament is Nicole's first video work, and extends her signature photography style into time-lapse video. A chandelier lights a dark room in this silent, meditative piece. The lit chandelier is deconstructed and reconstructed piece by piece, a reflection on the impact of colonisation on the Australian landscape and culture.

Lament comes from Nicole's Illumination series, which utilises the symbol of the chandelier throughout the series. 

"[The chandelier] is associated with cultural hierarchy, luxury, status, power and money. It was first used in medieval churches as a basic cross nailed with candles and was the only constant form of artificial light. The light represented knowledge and was used to establish power and control through the offering of illumination."  ~ NW

While the photographs in the series feature the chandelier hanging above Australian landscapes, making a claim upon them, in this time lapse video the chandelier is taken apart piece by piece. 

"This recorded decoding is a lament and an acknowledgement of the loss that is now etched into the landscape. The reconstruction of the chandelier is an offering of hope, a question, and a personal reconciliation" ~ NW

Nicole Welch has generously gifted this work to MAMA through the Federal Government's Cultural Gifts program. MAMA welcomes this piece to its growing collection of moving images, to be exhibited in MAMA's dedicated modern audio-visual space, Quest Albury and Quest on Townsend Gallery.