Event Name MAMA Foyer Screen
Start Date 2 Oct 2015
End Date 1 Feb 2016
Duration 123 days

Daniel Mudie Cunningham's recent practice is based in melancholic readings of popular culture examining how history as 'event' is structured and retold according to the conventions of film, music video and television.

Cunningham's three channel video installation Hold Your Breath (2011) recalls, ten years after the event, the horrific image of office workers falling to their deaths from the World Trade Center as the attacks occurred.

Hold Your Breath, 2011. Daniel Mudie Cunningham 

Hold Your Breath also draws on the account of one of the hijacked planes that crashed when passengers foiled the terrorist plot,  portrayed in the 2006 film United 93. The film shows passengers attempting to keep the plane in the air for as long as possible, desperate to deny the inevitability of a crash landing.

In the work Cunningham re-imagines the falling bodies as eternally suspended, considering the impossibility of defying gravity as a means of survival. Fragile and impermanent containers of human breath balloons are used to keep the figures perpetually afloat in a cloud streaked blue sky.

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