Event Name David Taylor: Kati-Thanda 15 Below
Start Date 8 Dec 2016 10:00 am
End Date 8 Jan 2017 4:00 pm
Duration 31 days and 6 hours

Over the years, the chaotic weather patterns over interior Australia have left amazing patterns and colours visible only from above.

Local photographer David Taylor – who is a man of the land and a fifth generation cattle breeder - has taken to the skies in his four-seater plane to capture the raw beauty of Australia’s interior. Working in collaboration with his son Rowand – also an accomplished photographer – the two embarked on a project to capture Kati-Thanda (Lake Eyre) in early 2016.

The photographs of lakes, rivers, deserts, and remote wilderness reveal unexpected colours and patterns, capture the energy of our changing landscape and remind us of the vastness of Australia.

He also notes that some aboriginal art has the same swirl and patterns that he is observing from above.

David says:  “Nature is our supreme ruler… Nature will always have the last say.”