Event Name Anne Zahalka: The Landscape Revisited
Start Date 25 May 2017 10:00 am
End Date 5 Nov 2017 4:00 pm
Duration 164 days and 5 hours

Anne Zahalka rewrites the Australian myth with her latest photography exhibition, The Landscape Revisited.

Photographed in Beechworth, the exhibition explores the imagery of iconic Australian paintings including works by Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Jane Sutherland, Sidney Nolan and Russell Drysdale.

These images are carefully staged to reconstruct the celebrated paintings - now with a different cast, exploring ideas of belonging, displacement, discrimination, exile and home.

From the earliest representations of the Australian landscape in art and literature through to modern day advertising and the film industry, romanticising the bush has become inextricably woven into Australian identity and mythology. Working with iconic images from Australian art Anne Zahalka explores the construction of a less romantic, less masculine and less Anglo-centric image of Australia.

The continued celebration of the Heidelberg School and the consequent resurgence of nationalism that their work elicits seem strangely inappropriate to a population that is primarily urban and multicultural. Rewriting these familiar images, Anne Zahalka examines their stereotyping, subverting and challenging these with a humorous and critical voice.

Photographs, original collages and related material show an ongoing exploration by the artist that spans over 30 years. Exhibition curated by Rita Lazauskas.

Anne Zahalka speaks at the opening of The Landscape Revisited.

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Gain further insight into this exhibition in the following illustrated essays by Dr Jacqui Durrant, and exhibition curator Rita Lazauskas.

Essay by Dr Jacqui Durrant

Essay by Rita Lazauskas, Curator

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Anne Zahalka Resources

Anne Zahalka's artist website is an excellent resource cataloguing the artist's career from her earliest series, The Landscape Represented (1983) through to her current exhibition The Landscape Revisited (2017).