Event Name Wanderlust: Dorin Folkerts-Di Novo from the James Brooks Collection
Start Date 10 Mar 2016 9:00 am
End Date 17 Apr 2016 4:00 pm
Duration 38 days and 8 hours

A beautiful collection of impressionist watercolour landscapes from avid traveller and artist Dorin Folkerts-Di Novo. Dorin captures the beauty and life in the buildings and cities to which she travelled, and the inspiration that comes from our architecture and the way that we wrap our lives around these unique structures.

Dorin's work also focusses on nature and the way a beautiful scene can elevate and inspire. From light sketches to detailed watercolours, Dorin communicates the harmony she sees in all things.

Watercolour landscape of a Dutch streetscape by Australian artist Doreen Folkerts 

Working during the mid 20th Century, Dorin Folkerts-Di Novo studied at the Munich Academy of Arts, before travelling the world and settling in Australia. Much of her work is inspired by her time living in Papua New Guinea and Australia, and her eye for the beauty and harmony in this landscape is evident. The Brooks collection encompasses watercolour postcards from around the world, each work transporting you to a moment of reflection captured in a few simple pencil marks, with watercolour adding life and vibrancy.

Dorin's unique style is showcased through this impressive and extensive collection, available for purchase and preview at the Buyer's Preview event on the opening night of the exhibition.