Event Name Yindyamarra: Respect, go slow, take responsibility
Start Date 16 Jun 2016 10:00 am
End Date 17 Jul 2016 4:00 pm
Duration 31 days and 6 hours

Yindyamarra is an animated film work by artist Bernard Sullivan, narrated by Uncle Stan Grant. The film was created as a teaching tool, emphasising the importance of Wiradjuri language and culture. It is filmed entirely on Wiradjuri land, with layers of animation and narration added to teach various aspects of Yindyamarra

Yindyamarra is at the heart of Wiradjuri culture and lifestyle. It is sometimes translated as respect, but it is difficult to translate a word that encapsulates a whole way of life. This film seeks to share an understanding of different aspects of Yindyamarra including the qualities of respect, going slow, honouring, and of taking responsibility. Each of the twenty sections of the film reveals a different aspect.

MAMA part commissioned this work in 2015, and is pleased to present the completed work, now part of its permanent collection, as part of the NAIDOC celebrations this year.

This year, the NAIDOC theme is 'Songlines', the crisscrossing tracks of the Dreaming that trace the journeys of ancestral spirits, as they created the land, animals, and lores. MAMA will run three exhibitions in the month surrounding NAIDOC week, Yindyamarra, alongside Black | White by Sam Juparulla Wickman, and Mumula Giilang: Grandfather Story by Bethany Thornber.