Zhongiian: Midway




About the exhibition

Toured by: Wollongong City Gallery
Total Attendance: 6726

Zhongjian: Midway presented works including painting, sculpture, installations and video projections by 14 contemporary Chinese and Australian artists:

  • Guan Wei
  • Liu Xiao Xian
  • Guo Jian
  • Jin Sha
  • Xifa Yang
  • Sally Smart
  • Kate Beynon
  • Lionel Bawden
  • Laurens Tan
  • Julie Bartholomew
  • Lü Peng
  • Shen Shaomin
  • Liu QingheZhang Qing

Exploring notions of tradition, globalisation and identity, the exhibition was inspired by the growing number of expatriate Chinese artists and by the interest they have generated in contemporary Chinese art and culture within the Australian art world. Similarly China's relatively new associations with other nations has created a rich and lively investigation by contemporary Chinese artists of the diverse experiences, influences and art styles of other traditions.


  • Opening event and floor talk.