We are an art museum. We believe in the power of art and artists to inspire, challenge, and strengthen our community.

We are contemporary. We love art that is new, that challenges, that responds to our community and culture. We are small enough to take risks, and large enough to bring you some of the best art from across Australia and internationally.

We are caretakers, preserving and managing the city's art collection, presenting and interpreting it in new ways.

We are curious, with workshops, talks, classes, and activities for all ages to get creative, and deepen their understanding of the art we present.

We are a day out. Eat with us, shop with us, we are accessible. Open 7 days per week, 363 days per year. We are free.

We are family friendly, mobility friendly, phone-charging-and-wifi-only friendly - we are all the friendlies.

We are on Wiradjuri country.