MAMA's place

MAMA is one of the state's largest and best equipped exhibition spaces with AAA-quality climate and exhibition standards. This means we're ready to show blockbuster exhibitions.

With 10 flexible display spaces, as well as permanent collection storage and an accessible loading dock, MAMA has the capacity to stage major national and international exhibitions and house large-scale installations such as 3D and 2D sculpture and paintings.

A 24-hour art skin means the exterior of the building can show never-before-seen commissioned works in lighting, projection and kinetic art.

There are dedicated spaces to showcase local talent and offer emerging artists the experience of exhibiting in a major art museum. There is also space for public programs, children's art workshops, special event and educational workshops.

The new back-of-house facilities, including increased collection storage, enable us to better manage storage and conservation. Also, for the first time in many decades, we can make new acquisitions and accept bequests and donations.

The Building

MAMA has increased in space from 832m² to 2036m². This includes seven flexible exhibition spaces, an education workshop, permanent collection storage, an accessible loading dock, a restaurant and a shop.

Its dual frontage on the main street and onto QEII Square establishes MAMA as a creative cultural hub for visitors and for locals. 

Flexibility has been built into the building through the inclusion of multipurpose spaces, compartmentalised climate control systems, 24-hour educational suite access, dual entry, and ergonomic and invigilation considerations. MAMA is green friendly too, with sustainable principles incorporated throughout the design. The space will be conducive to creativity and inspiration.

Collection Storage

MAMA back-of-house features a range of state-of-the-art spaces to keep the collection on track. 

This includes:

  • compactor collection storage systems, suitable for the current collection of 2,400 works with capacity to grow by another 100%;
  • an internal loading bay including full CCTV security with early detection and heat sensors, climate controlled crate storage, hard-wearing floors and fire-retardant walls; and 
  • a collection area with separate storage for paintings and 3D works, and a small conservation/registration room.

The Architects

Sydney-based firm NBRS and Partners was selected via a tender process to deliver the detailed designs for the gallery redevelopment project.

NBRS and Partners has delivered significant local projects in the past, completing designs for construction at Charles Sturt University and The Scots School.

"They're not interested in building a monument to the architect, they're interested in delivering a design that's functional, modern and perfect for a regional art gallery," said AlburyCity Director of Community and Recreation, James Jenkins.