The making of MAMA

The meeting of art and architecture needn't be an abstract sculpture in a forecourt or a polite artwork on a gallery wall.

The expression and interpretation of art and creativity is neither just confined to inside an exhibition space, nor as told to you by someone who works in an Art Museum or Gallery. MAMA has incorporated within its built infrastructure and as part of the philosophy of engagement a series of ephemera installations, functional commissions and kinetic artworks that offer accessible opportunities to experience art, inside or out, day or night.

With over 18 discreet projects, there are four distinct themes that deliberately challenge traditional art museum and gallery interpretations of what art is and how it should be displayed.

  • The first untraditional expression of creativity in MAMA is the building's Skin.
  • The second is the inside 'Art by Accident'
  • The third is the streetscape presence via QEII Square and as an epicentre for Albury's CBD
  • The fourth is 'engagement'