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Acclaimed artist eX de Medici at MAMA

Sour Crude eX de Medici
Murray Art Museum Albury

Riverina-born artist eX de Medici's latest body of work Sour Crude is on show at MAMA until 24 January 2016.

Sour Crude combines de Medici's swirling psychedelic colours and delicate brush-strokes - a legacy of her acclaimed tattooing practice - to expose modern-day forces such as corruption, consumerism and corporate greed.

Produced on massive sheets of paper with watercolour, or pencil, de Medici's works intersperse delicate images of flora and fauna with emblems of conflict: weapons, helmets, skulls, bullets and swastikas.

Watercolours are a difficult medium that artists often only dare make on a small scale, but de Medici's technique is so exquisite some of her paintings are up to seven metres long.

 "The works lure you in as decoration, but when you look you can see that they have a depth that references issues on a global scale. There is something darker going on. Her works are confrontational and unconventional."

Jacqui Hemsley, Director, Murray Art Museum Albury

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