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Our People

Murray Art Museum Albury exists to inspire, challenge, and strengthen our community through art. Our People are caretakers; preserving and managing the city's art collection, presenting and interpreting it in new ways. They believe in bringing you the best art from across Australia and the world and providing artists opportunities to exhibit and find employment. We are proud of Our People and their contributions to our community.

 Image of Director Bree Pickering. She has curly hair and a smiling face.
Bree Pickering

As Director, Bree oversees the museum’s creative program, engagement activities, business units, governance, and fundraising. She drives the Strategic Plan and manages key stakeholder relationships. Bree has been with the Museum since 2016 and created the first Strategic Plan for the Museum following its 2015 launch. She has been instrumental in establishing the ambitious creative program, with a refocus on original content. She is a fierce advocate for the fair treatment of artists and addressing structural problems within institutions.

Image of curator whom is a smiling man with curly hair.
Michael Moran

Leading the curatorial team, Michael oversees the creative program, and management of the Museum’s permanent collection. As a curator he strives to create a balanced exhibition program that represents local artists and collection hangs, alongside an ambitious program of original exhibitions and commissions. Michael has been with the Museum since 2017 and has developed the Museum’s artistic voice. He has elevated the ambitions of the program to both advance contemporary curatorial practice and provide meaningful opportunities to exhibit for local artists.

Justin Song
Business Manager

Directing the operations of the Museum, Justin oversees business functions including governance, fundraising, facility management, and retail operations. Justin ensures that the Museum continues to run smoothly and will be sustainable into the future. A new addition to the leadership team, Justin joined the museum in 2021 and has been instrumental in supporting the Museum’s transition to independence. He brings strong financial management, analysis and system design to ensure our resources and activities are aligned with our Strategic Plan.

Image of Engagement Manager Annie Falcke. She has dark pulled back hair.
Annie Falcke
Engagement Manager

Leading the engagement team, Annie oversees visitor experience, tourism, programs & events, schools & education, media and marketing. The engagement team is interested in developing audiences for the Museum, breaking down barriers of attendance, connecting with community, stimulating conversations about art & ideas, and encouraging an appreciation for the value of arts and culture in our local community. Annie has been with the Museum since 2015 and enjoys learning about our community, finding new ways to share art and ideas, and creating experiences that add meaning and value to the lives of our visitors.