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National Photography Prize 2022 Interview - Kiron Robinson

Portrait of artist Kiron Robinson
Murray Art Museum Albury

Artist Kiron Robinson discusses his series Dribble, Leak, Suck, Slip, Skin, Peel, Pick showing as part of the 2022 National Photography Prize at the Murray Art Museum Albury.

The National Photography Prize brought together twelve artists from across Australia who challenged and extended photographic language and techniques.

Dribble, Leak, Suck, Slip, Skin, Peel, Pick, is a series of images made through a variety of processes including: re-photography, scanning, using found images from personal archives, straight photography, and digitally manipulated photography.

Each process is used to test the idea of the Photographic, asking what it is and how can the materials and understanding of them be bent to raise questions.

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