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Building Exterior_Dean Street_Nighttime_wideview.
Murray Art Museum Albury

In 2015, A unique opportunity for local residents to leave a legacy by having their name forever etched into the new Murray Art Museum Albury was on offer.

AlburyCity Mayor, Kevin Mack says, "We're very excited to launch the MAMA
Supporter campaign which gives local residents the chance to stamp their name on the building. For a one-off, tax deductible payment of $200, local community members can have their name permanently displayed on the glass wall at the new art museum's QEII Square entrance."

 "We think this is a fantastic way for local families to leave a legacy for future generations or to just make your own mark on this landmark building."

Kevin Mack, Alburycity Mayor

"The funds raised are part of the philanthropic effort to raise capital for the
redevelopment, and anyone wanting to be a part of this is most welcome."

MAMA Director, Jacqui Hemsley, says "It's very exciting and we are thrilled that the site has now gone live. Local residents and the broader community can keep up to date with all the upcoming exhibitions and attractions through"

 "The website is a one stop shop for everything MAMA; from information on exhibitions and the artists, ticket and merchandise sales, philanthropic opportunities and everything in between."

Jacqui Hemsley, Director, Murray Art museum Albury

Mayor Mack says there's great anticipation building for MAMA with the level of interest in exhibiting and being part of the exhibition program exceeding all expectations.

"Our staff are fielding enquiries from across the country and overseas
from individuals, educational institutions and businesses wanting to know how they can get involved."

"I encourage everyone to check out the new website and while there, sign up to become a MAMA Supporter."

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