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Brush with Border Artists

Brush with Border Artists
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2016
Image by Murray Art Museum Albury

An exhibition that was from a local creative collective - the Albury Wodonga Artists Society. In this collection, artists were inspired to depict something of particular importance or significance to them personally - an object, a place, a thought or memory.

These works were as diverse as the membership, and each artist has explored this theme in their own way – some chose to paint places or objects of special significance to them, while others sought to represent relationships in their lives that meant something very special to them. No subject were taboo, and artists tackled subjects such as alcohol, death, work, travel, and family, to name just a few. Some of the works are sheer fun, while others provoked thoughtful study.

When viewed as a whole, this collection of works presented a colourful insight into the collective mind of our local community.