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Contemporising the Modern - Photography from the 20th & 21st Century

A black and white room full of photos, the one closest to the view shows a girl with blonde hair looking away with a husky nipping at her arm

Contemporising the Modern
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2015
Image by Simon Dallinger

Established as a centre for excellence and innovation in photography since 1982, MAMA's contemporary photographic collection has developed primarily through the National Photography Prize, which is supported by the MAMA Art Foundation.

The collection represents one of the most important of its kind. In 2015 it was further expanded through a significant gift from The Russell Mills Foundation.

The Gift of The Russell Mills Foundation of 50 works had enabled the MAMA collection to speak to Australia in the 20th century. The photographs reflected the developments of Australian photography and photographers as they explored and pushed the boundaries to gain acceptance of their work as a pure art form.