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Cornélia Selover: I Wish You Were There

An installation with a warm colour rug  with lines of black over the top and the background is a metal sculpture with hanging pieces and an artwork in the background with swirls and lines.

Cornélia Selover
I Wish You Were There
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018
Image by Jules Boag

Cornélia Selover lives in a universe forever changed by the Black Saturday bushfires.

Navigating this universe through her art practice, Selover layered fiction over fact, knitting parallel realities together in a map of repeated lines, numbers and patterns; a visual code that is expressed across large scale paintings, mobile sculptures, and woven textiles. In I Wish You Were There, Selover strived to contain, control, and forge a path through, the post-traumatic world in which she lived.

The repetitive practice of drawing these lines is soothing and immersive, and I work for up to eight hours at a time. Negative space or clear spaces in the works are significant as they represent an unblocked path or conduit through which to move forward. Also to find beauty, therefore hope. Life.”
- Cornélia Selover