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Deborah Kelly show an homage to all our glory

Deborah Kelly - No Human Being is Illegal - Photo Paul Temple
Murray Art Museum Albury

As a part of MAMA's opening exhibition Deborah Kelly with present her new series of works Venus Variations.

Inspired by the reclining nude in art history Venus Variations will appear together with No human being is illegal (in all our Glory), 20 striking and evolving life-sized, nude photographic portraits first created for the
2014 Sydney Biennale.

Deborah Kelly's stunning artwork will adorn MAMA's new state of the art gallery
spaces, along with a major exhibition of work by leading contemporary First Nations artists, Wiradjuri Ngurambanggu as well as Sonic Splendour, a survey of work by internationally admired, regionally based video and photographic artist, Andrew Pearce

A leading Sydney-based artist who works primarily with collage, Deborah Kelly was the winner of the 2012 Albury Art Prize which included an Albury residency involving workshops with a group of participants focusing on the continued layering of the No Human Being is Illegal nudes.

The results of that collaborative residency will be seen for the first time at MAMA.

The prize also included international residencies in New York and Germany resulting in the Venus Variations, a suite of five new large scale collages inspired by the presence and role of the female nude, especially the reclining nude, in art history.

As a further extension of her MAMA exhibition, Kelly is also creating an interactive augmented reality using the latest technology in movement and motion detection to encourage children to become the artist and barnacle their own human.

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