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Drawn though Space: Araidne's Thread

Nadia Odlum
Ariadne's Thread
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2016
Image by Simon Dallinger

For the 2016 winter school holidays the MAMA foyer was filled with activities extending the theme of Nadia Odlum's installation Ariadne's Thread.

Odlum had created this installation especially for MAMA, and drew upon the unique architecture, light and surfaces in the building to create a mind-bending ribbon-like path that played with the perception of space, distance and angles.

It challenged viewers to look at linear dimensions from a new angle, activity stations were set up around the foyer that allowed visitors to explore the theme in a practical way.

From building, to drawing, to string art and threading, to pattern making, this exhibition challenged the way we viewed and measure space, and translated it into art.