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Artist Talk: Otis Burian Hodge

Join us for a talk by photographer Otis Burian Hodge as he discusses the ideas and processes behind his exhibition The Last Jar of Rosehip Jam. The exhibition project was developed out of Hodge’s childhood journeys on the Hume Highway, between Sydney and his grandmother’s East Albury home. Comprising 35mm and medium format photographs, The Last Jar of Rosehip Jam is an exploration of family relationships and memories, and of childhood holidays around Albury represented through the documentation of places, objects and actions.

About the Artist
Otis Burian Hodge is a photographic artist and gallery curator based on Gadigal land. His practice involves both digital and analogue photography, with an interest in bookmaking. Burian Hodge explores the challenge of archiving specific feelings, memories and localities around him and translating them to a wider audience – sharing a moment with those who don’t share in it. He creates work that aims to be identifiable and relatable, yet pushes the audience to imagine beyond its frame and incorporate their own lived experiences. Since 2017 Burian Hodge has programmed TCS Windows, a non-commercial gallery hosting monthly shows of photography-based work by emerging artists.

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