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Video Art Viewings

Angelica Mesiti, Rapture (silent anthem) (still), 2009, Installation View, Choose Happiness Murray Art Museum Albury. Photo Jeremy Weihrauch

On your next visit to MAMA consider a video viewing. Access video works from the MAMA Collection or choose from a selection of works from Kaldor Public Arts Projects’ MOVE: Video Art in Schools education resource.

Works include:

  • Andrew Pearce The Street Below
  • Todd McMillian I Love You, I Want You, I Need You
  • TV Moore Magick Without Tears
  • Grant Stevens Why The Long Face?
  • Daniel Crooks Static No 7
  • John Tonkin Air, Water Part 2
  • Jess MacNeil The Swimmers
  • The Kingpins Welcome to the Jingle
  • David Rosetzky Nothing Like This
  • Tracey Moffatt Doomed
  • Patricia Piccinini The Gathering
  • Daniel Von Sturmer Video Clip
  • Shaun Gladwell Blue & White Linework Composition

Video art viewings run for 30 minutes, in the MAMA Workshop.

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