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Beth Peters: REST

An artwork featuring a series of linked and cascading loops and lines all created in grey lead.

Beth Peters
While counting interludes, 2019
Graphite on paper
Image by Nat Ord

A single line, represented the thread of consciousness, weaved in and out creating the detailed drawings of Chiltern-based artist Beth Peters.
Mapping the movement of thought from the artists internal world to the external, Peters threaded together images inspired by textiles, repetitive woven works that spoke to the complexity of being neither wholly present nor absent in any moment.

Slowly, images were formed in a state of Random Episodic Silent Thought (REST), a conscious state in which the cortices of the brain were highly active, spontaneously reorganising and ordering thoughts and memories, making new associations and placing one in a deeply contemplative, creative state.
It is this state of awareness that was neither fully conscious, nor fully unconscious, in which the artist found her creative energy, the monotonous image making allowed her to access memories and thoughts until they were exhausted, dispensed with, or earthed somehow in the physical process of drawing.

Peters was the recipient of the 2018 Susan Moorhead Memorial Award.
The Award was granted to one emerging artist from the region that applied to exhibit as part of MAMA's Open Call program.

In addition to a $2000 cash prize, the artist was supported in the development of a solo exhibition at MAMA.