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Everyday presents the work of 16 artists, sharing their individual and collective experience of life in our region. A large collaborative fabric work depicting the Murray River is presented, alongside paintings and works on paper that highlight the area’s natural beauty. Animals also feature strongly, with collaborative sculptures of kangaroos, goannas, and large native birds fashioned from recycled materials. Recurring images of ice cream cones and smiley motifs, as well as abstract patterning, celebrate moments of daily joy.

The artists exhibiting in Everyday have been brought together through an art group held at Mercy Connect, a not-for-profit organisation that supports people with disabilities to live independently and maintain active involvement in community.

The exhibition has been designed to showcase each of the artists’ works, while also highlighting that many of the pieces have been conceived and made by groups of artists. The colours and wall drawings have been inspired by the vitality of the artists’ studio, where they surround themselves with their work. The exhibition also features a short video work where the artists share what the experience of staging this project and offering their works to audiences means to each of them, drawing each of us further into their everyday.

Featured artists:
Beverley Jones
Bradley Barrett
Daniel Quin
David Dick
Debbie Fox
Dianne Ruitenburg
Elissa Thiele
Genevieve Grovers
Gerard Fox
Geraldine Trimble
Haley Carroll
Karen Trezise
Mark Inwood
Mark Pearsall
Rose Croxford
Tara Dodd