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Julianne Piko: Familiar Strange

A stoneware vase in a half circle arc sits on a cement shelf holding spent garlic scapes

Julianne Piko
Arc Vase Series, 2021
Stoneware with garlic scapes⠀
Image courtesy of the artist

Familiar Strange explores the interconnectedness of all things in a more-than-human world through material, matter and minerals. Contemplating the Anthropocene, Julianne creates sculptural pieces at the intersection of art and science.

A response to place informs the materials and the natural scenes that are captured in the work - from the granite outcrops of Beechworth to the flows of the Murray River. Each element is extracted and elevated to express its own force. By bringing together forms and materials that surround us in the everyday, including biomaterials and repurposed waste streams, these assembled objects find a new relevance. A modern shrine is created and here the object of worship is nature. These shrines aren't built of gold. They are built of the found and familiar.

About the Artist

Julianne Piko is a multidisciplinary artist based in North East Victoria. Working across sculpture, film and installation, Piko has a keen interest in the interconnectedness of things, her artwork reflects a desire to redefine ecological perspectives and the human-nature balance. Taking cues from architecture, anthropology and Lo-TEK, Julianne assembles unexpected and opposing materials into sculptural objects. She is currently undertaking further study in material science delving into the potential of biomaterial and the recycled/circular. Julianne holds a degree from the Victorian College of the Arts with majors in 3D & 2D art and Postgraduate qualifications in Visual Communication.

Julianne is the recipient of the Susan Moorhead Memorial Award.

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