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Opening: Solas

Marie Salinger
The Harvest of Night, 2023
Acrylic paint and collage on canvas

Join us for the opening of Solas, an exhibition featuring a new body of work by Marie Salinger. This solo exhibition presents works that explore the notion of transience, liminal spaces and the interconnectedness of all life forms. In tandem with these states is a sense of chaos, chance and loss - the ebb and flow of the life journey we are all on.

Within Solas Salinger attempts to shed light on the incredible power of art and nature that can provide solace, hope and healing in times of darkness and despair.

Artist Bio
Marie Salinger is a visual artist based in North East Victoria. Her creative practice incorporates painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and photography. Salinger studied Art at Melbourne State College and in 2018, following a long career as an arts educator, she committed to her visual arts practice full-time. Her art practice is deeply contemplative, allowing space and time to investigate the natural world and what lies out of sight, such as the organic marks created by scribbly gum moths under the bark of gum trees.

Working intuitively, she responds to the ebb and flow of life and is deeply influenced by the environs of the Ovens River, Beechworth Gorge, Stanley Forest, and the diverse and historic gardens at Mayday Hills where her art studio is situated. Salinger’s work echoes the organic qualities of nature and explores the notion of transience, liminal spaces, and the interconnectedness of all life forms.

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