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Shivanjani Lal: Pani begets Pani

Shivanjani Lal,
Five Prayers for Five Generations, 2020-2021
Brown paper (sourced Marine Lines, Bombay), red and yellow kite thread (sourced Byculla, Bombay), haldi (turmeric) and chuna powder (sourced Deptford, London).
Image courtesy of the artist

Pani begets Pani is the first solo exhibition by artist Shivanjani Lal. By engaging with themes of displacement, cultural connection and rituals for return, this presentation of new work navigates water as a site to account for history. In this large-scale installation of video, ceramic and paper works, Lal creates a conversation around ritual and monuments.

Pani begets Pani questions how much history does water hold? And who is allowed to tell this story?

About the Artist

Shivanjani Lal is a Fijian-Australian artist whose work uses personal grief to account for ancestral loss. Recent works have used story-telling, objects and video to account for lost histories and explore narratives of indenture and migratory histories from the Indian and Pacific oceans. Writing has become a focal point of her current research. Reading and objects guide audiences through lived and imagined narratives that attempt to decipher what is lost and the possibilities of futures.