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Five Local Artists Selected to Exhibit at MAMA in 2018

A room with several photographic artworks. One work is a colourful red and yellow banner with images of faces.
Murray Art Museum Albury

Albury photographer Nat Ord, Tallangata based performance artist Ashlee Laing, local painter Meg Sprouster, and Wodonga based artist Cornélia Selover have had their work selected from over sixty artist’s applications by a panel of nationally recognised visual arts professionals.

These artists will be joined in the program by a survey exhibition of the work of deceased local painter Leon deMontignie, co-ordinated by author Peter Klein, of Bethanga, an exhibition titled The Watched featuring an international group of artists.

Artists from across the local region and around the country were invited to apply to exhibit at MAMA in August this year. The sixty-five applications received were then assessed by local Waragerie (Wiradjuri) artist Lorraine Connelly-Northey and Artistic Director of Melbourne’s Gertrude Contemporary, Mark Feary with MAMA Director, Bree Pickering and MAMA Curator, Michael Moran. Proposals were assessed on grounds of innovation, artistic potential and relevance to a local audience.

Nat Ord

Eliza Ault-Connell, 2017
Digital photograph
Image courtesy of the artist.

A white walled room with two artworks of one person in a face covering and the other a cardboard box over person's face painted like the Australian flag, and two speakers attached to a metal pole in the foreground
Ash Laing

Flagging Opinion
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018
Image by Annie Falcke

Margaret Sprouster

Acrylic on canvas
Image courtesy of the artist

An installation with a warm colour rug  with lines of black over the top and the background is a metal sculpture with hanging pieces and an artwork in the background with swirls and lines.
Cornélia Selover

I Wish You Were There
Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018
Image by Jules Boag

Leon deMontignie

Lazy Sunday, unknown date
acrylic on canvas
The Life and Death of an Unknown Artist, Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018
Image by Murray Art Museum Albury

This year the program has been updated to better reflect the supportive role MAMA plays in local art. With increased support this year from Create NSW, upgrades to the program have been instated. These include the removal of financial barriers to local artists seeking to exhibit at MAMA, such as the removal of hire fees and the payment of national-standard artist fees. MAMA staff will work closely with the selected artists on the development of their exhibitions, offering professional support, assistance with production and advice on advancing emerging careers.

The selection of artists for the 2018/19 program highlights the strength and breadth of creative practice in the region.

Nat Ord works within the medium of documentary photography and will be exhibiting portraits of women of influence, courage and passion from Albury Wodonga and its surrounds. Margaret Sprouster has been an active member of the Albury Wodonga Artists’ Society for many years and will be presenting a new series of landscape paintings.

Leon deMontignie: The Life and Death of an Unknown Painter will give audiences the opportunity to see examples of a life's work by an artist of formidable talent who sadly spent many years homeless in the Albury area, but who keenly observed and meticulously documented his surroundings.

Ashlee Laing exhibits a strong social conscience in his performance art work and is developing a new and engaging project that will challenge many members of MAMA’s audience. Wodonga based artist Cornélia Selover will be presenting a series of recent works from her painting, sculpture, text and object based practice. The exhibition looks to be highlight of MAMA’s 2018 calendar and a wonderful example of the vital artworks being produced locally to Albury.

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