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Freya Jobbins: Arti-Facts

A ball made from blue and green kid's toys with a blue crushed merman on the bottom.

Freya Jobbins
Loaded Aquaman, 2020
Image courtesy of the artist

In the exhibition, Arti-facts, Freya created works specifically for the Wonder Cupboards. These works were all created from second-hand toys, all unwanted, discarded, abandoned and then replaced. Freya gave new life to the preloved and abandoned plastic dolls and reimagined them into thought-provoking sculptures.

This little exhibition, in little spaces, were of the little things that we all love no matter what age we are. Tiny little detailed toys that were like little sculptures within themselves, just divine in detail and will be cultural artifacts in the future. We will all see (us adults that is) something here that will instantly let us time travel back and little ones will get a ‘history’ lesson.

All the toys used in Freya's assemblages were second-hand, all of the toys were unwanted, discarded, abandoned and replaced. They were then elevated into artworks.

About the artist
Freya Jobbins is a Sydney based, multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes assemblage, installation, video, collage and printmaking.

Freya’s work explored ideas of identity, reoccurring motifs and the concealment of one’s thoughts and feelings. The artist dissected familiar objects and then assembled them to create something entirely new, using a doll’s shoe as an eyebrow or a doll’s leg as a strand of hair. Freya stated that she liked to “position familiar objects in an unfamiliar context."

 a bust in the shape of a person made from toy animals and birds
Freya Jobbins

Frida, 2020
Image courtesy of the artist

Two large balls made from old toy shoes. At the bottom of the balls barbie legs stick out in delicate poses.
Freya Jobbins

Footballs, 2020
Image courtesy of the artist