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We are grateful for all donations! Your contributions will be received by the MAMA Art Foundation. The Foundation uses these funds to invest in new artworks for the MAMA Collection, including new commissions, purchases of signficant works, and maintence of existing artworks. The MAMA Collection is a shared asset for our community, enriching the cultural life of the region, and creating a legacy for future generations. Thank you!

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All donations are received by the MAMA Art Foundation, and are tax deductible.

MAMA Art Foundation

For over 30 years, the MAMA Art Foundation has shared a passion for collecting art, and caring for the city's art collection. The support the Foundation provides to MAMA enables the Museum to be proactive in the curation of its collection, responding to culture and making considered investments.

The Foundation shares the vision of the Museum to promote the value of art and artists, and works to extend the cultural impact of the museum through the strengthening of its permanent collection, and commissioning of culturally significant new works.

In addition to supporting the Collection, the Foundation is the primary supporter of the National Photography Prize. They also administer the John & Margaret Baker Memorial Fellowship and the Susan Moorhead Memorial Award.

Donations to the Foundation can be in the form of one-time cash donations, participation in the Annual Giving Program, bequests, and donations of artwork. For more information please visit the MAMA Art Foundation website.