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MAMA Advisory Committee seeks new members

A visitor looks at a series of bright photographs depicted a woman in a red dress
Murray Art Museum Albury

Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) is entering an exciting new era, maturing into an independent, nationally recognised institution. Providing expert guidance through this critical chapter is the MAMA Advisory Committee, with all nine seats currently due for renewal.

MAMA launched in October 2015 with a mission to be a significant contemporary art and cultural destination in regional New South Wales that both enriches the cultural life of the Albury region and ranks among the leading art museums in Australia.

Now rounding out its third year of operation in 2018, MAMA enjoys high levels of visitation, delivers challenging exhibitions, has thriving engagement programs, is an important provider of arts education, and is a key driver of the region's growing cultural economy.

From this base, with the support of Council, MAMA seeks to move toward an independent governance structure, looking to operate under a progressive business model that includes increased capacity for earned and contributed revenue from commercial operations and through private funding from philanthropists, sponsors, and independent and government funding bodies.

Currently, MAMA is governed by AlburyCity Council with professional guidance from a nine-seat Advisory Committee. Committee members are appointed by Council on the advice of the Director MAMA. All nine positions were due for renewal.

MAMA invited arts professionals, business professionals and community members to share in the vision for MAMA and provide valuable guidance to at a critical time. We seeked individuals who are committed to honest feedback, believe in the value of arts and culture and who would work with the MAMA leadership team to foster relationships with the local community, with the national arts community and with the philanthropy community.

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