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MAMA loans artwork to help Hilltop

Murray Art Museum Albury

The soon-to-be-opened Murray Art Museum Albury, MAMA, has loaned more than 20 artworks to Hilltop Patient and Carer Accommodation Centre in East Albury.

Run by the Fight Cancer Foundation, Hilltop is in East Albury and has 20 low-cost accommodation apartments that are used by patients and their carers who are being treated for cancer.

MAMA has loaned a mix of photographs and contemporary paintings,
including Saltimbanques by artist Graeme Drendel, Window Wall Landscape,
 by artist Thomas Gleghorn and Early Summer, Yarramalong, by John Salvana, which won the Albury Art Prize in 1949.

MAMA curator Bianca Acimovic praised Hilltop for setting up an art committee and said that, in Hilltop's case, MAMA was happy to loan artworks to support its good work.

 "Art has the power to take us to another place. That's wonderful for us all in our busy day-to-day lives but it's especially valuable for people during difficult times."

Bianca Acimovic, Curator, Murray Art Museum Albury

"I urge local businesses and organisations to develop and invest in their own art
collections because it's a very worthwhile thing to do."

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack saw a similar arrangement that helped patients in
Orange and was keen to establish something similar for patients and carers at
Hilltop so they could also enjoy the benefits of art as a natural therapy.

"I would like to see all councils with extensive collections offer them to worthwhile organisations such as Hilltop to leverage off the benefits associated with art as a natural therapy." Cr Mack said.

He said Hilltop did a wonderful job and he hoped many of the patients and carers would be able to visit MAMA after it opens on 2 October 2015 to see more artworks.

"The exhibition looks great and I can't speak highly enough of the work that is being done here at Hilltop to support patients and carers who have come to Albury for cancer treatment." he said.

The Fight Cancer Foundation's managing director Eric Wright said Hilltop hosted patients and carers from all over the region.

"It's very hard for people to be away from home while they are having treatment so we try to make Hilltop as comfortable and pleasant a place as possible." He said.

"I thank MAMA and AlburyCity for helping us to make Hilltop a special place for
people during what is a very difficult time for them."

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