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Local Artists Announced for the 2023 Open Call Program

Mercy Connect artist acrylic on canvas
Murray Art Museum Albury

Murray Art Museum Albury have chosen the successful applicants for the 2023 Open Call program for local artists. This year will feature more than 10 artists presenting their works in both solo and group exhibitions, one of which will be highlighting the artwork of not-for-profit organisation Mercy Connect.

Each year, through a competitive application process, artists are selected to hold an exhibition at MAMA, supported throughout the process by MAMA’s Curatorial team. The program is dedicated to presenting the work of artists from our region as well as artists from beyond the region whose work is locally significant.

In 2023, Mercy Connect Art Group will present an exhibition featuring artwork by artists living with a disability. The exhibition aims to depict the challenges faced by the artists as well as what they enjoy about living in the area.

 “The Open Call program is such a strong foundation for the artistic program at MAMA.”

Michael Moran, MAMA Curator

North East artist and regenerative farmer Courtney Young will develop a new work exploring the intersection of land ownership with class and race through landscape painting.

Albury-Wodonga based artist, Ririn Indah Puspita exhibition will combine large-scale installation, sculpture, and wearable art under the named Merangkul (me-rung-kool) which means “embracing” in Bahasa Indonesia.

 “We are thrilled with the strength of work we will be celebrating by artists’ from our local region in 2023. The artists will be supported to produce new work and we will be seeing outstanding painting, ceramics, large scale wall assemblages, fabrics and collaborative works."

Michael Moran, MAMA Curator

Artist, curator, musician, and creative producer Sarah McEwan will present an experimental work mapped across a suite of new paintings looking to personify the often-complex relationship between the artist and the artistic process.

A group show curated by MAMA staff and combining the artist practices of Cornélia Selover, Glenda Helen Mackay, Linda Lees, and Sharon McEachern will present paintings, assemblage works and ceramics that speak to the experience of living and working in this region.

Impressionist landscape painting  including two figures by Artist Courtney Young.

Courtney Young,
Laughing or Crying, 2021,
Acrylic and oil on canvas
Image courtesy of the artist.

open call artists 2023 announced mercy connect 3

Ririn Indah Puspita,
Wall hanging,
Image courtesy of the artist.

open call artists 2023 announced mercy connect 4

Sarah McEwan,
Mothers Make Capitalism Work (Alfred Marshall, 1890)
, 2017
Acrylic and ash on board,
Image by Vic McEwan and courtesy of the artist.

white, brown, yellow ridge artwork

Linda Lees,
Just past the old shed,
Stoneware ceramic,
Image courtesy of the artist.

The Open Call program has delivered some of our most loved exhibitions. It is one of the many ways that MAMA celebrates the creativity and talent of artists who live in our region.

The 2022 program continues with Beechworth artist Julianne Piko’s series of sculptural assemblages responding to the granite outcrops of Beechworth to the flows of the Murray River open until 17 July and the upcoming exhibition by Stanley-based artist Mary-Rose Riley that explores the process of acceptance and healing.